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Our Story

My mixer and baker.

Grabbing coffee with one our best friends on a day that wasn’t the best of days, I made the comment “All I want to do is stand in my kitchen and bake cookies…”

Simple. Easy. Yummy. Cookies.

Be careful what you wish for. 😉

My girls, Riley and Finley wanted a way to make a little extra money. Their year had been much less and much more than they expected or wanted. Lots of change, and not much seemed to remain the same. Except a full cookie jar. It was always full. Always fresh. Always yummy.

On your best days and on your worst days, there isn’t much baking cookies doesn’t fix. 😉

I suggested to the the girls that we start an instagram page to promote their product.

Within the first week, Naked Cookie Co sold 10 dozen. We couldn’t bake quickly enough.

Our cookies are cleaner and simpler than any others you will find. Naked Cookie Co, uses only seven ingredients. Always organic. Gluten free. No sugar. 100% Paleo. Keto friendly. Yumminess you can feel good about eating all on your own or sharing with your favorite people. 🙂

We promise they are Delish. Soft. Gooey. Goodness. Everything a cookie should be.


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