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Our Story

Grabbing coffee with one our best friends on a day that wasn’t the best of days, I made the comment “All I want to do is stand in my kitchen and bake cookies…”

Simple. Easy. Yummy. Cookies.

Be careful what you wish for. 😉

My girls, Riley and Finley wanted a way to make a little extra money. Their year had been much less and much more than they expected or wanted. Lots of change, and not much seemed to remain the same. Except a full cookie jar. It was always full. Always fresh. Always yummy.

On your best days and on your worst days, there isn’t much baking cookies doesn’t fix. 😉

I suggested to the the girls that we start an instagram page to promote their product.

Within the first week, Naked Cookie Co sold 10 dozen. We couldn’t bake quickly enough.

Our cookies are cleaner and simpler than any others you will find. Naked Cookie Co, uses only seven ingredients. Always organic. Gluten free. Vegan. No sugar. 100% Paleo. Keto friendly. Yumminess you can feel good about eating all on your own or sharing with your favorite people. 🙂

We promise they are Delish. Soft. Gooey. Goodness. Everything a cookie should be.


Naked Cookie Mission Statement:

Simple. Clean eating. Organic.

The Naked Cookie Story

Naked Cookie was founded in 2019, motivated to provide clean, yummy for every tummy.

Our motto is “no junk or belly funk!”

As a mom of three, unique and amazing kids, ranging in age from 12-20, Riley, Luke and Finn are the passion behind Naked Cookie Co. As mom to these three, I learned quickly that what works for one, does not work for all.

Needless to say, I spent more than my fair share of time in the kitchen, cooking or baking! It was challenging to find treats that not only everyone agreed were yummy, but that also agreed with their unique tummy needs!

Time was spent baking and cooking for my oldest, Riley, your all American girl next door, who can whip up a batch of gooey chocolate chip cookies, like it’s no bodies business; to Luke, a sweet soul with a rare genetic syndrome, called, Pitt Hopkins, who’s tummy only agrees with clean, organic, from the earth foods; to a feisty little lady, Finley, who spends the majority of her time flipping and tumbling through life as high level gymnast.

While their goals and needs in life are vastly different, their opinions on “yummy!”, and “so gross!” certainly align.

Clean, sustainable eating, has always been our an intergal part of our lifestyle. Cooking clean and organic while not sacrificing taste is much easier than baking and making tasty treats. My team of three gave me the most “so grosses!”, when I attempted to bake clean treats.

Determined to find a treat everyone agreed on motivated me to get creative with cookie recipes.

Naked Cookie’s first attempt was actually our Pumpkin Chocolate Chip! It was a snowy October day in the mountains of Utah, perfect for cookie baking. The pantry was raided for clean ingredients. Almond flour, sea salt, coconut oil, dark chocolate chunks, and a lonely can of organic pumpkin puree were my options.

As the batch baked, my three wandered upstairs, curious about what “smelled sooo good?!”. I promised cookies, they looked concerned… not convinced that the taste would match the yummy they were smelling.

This was not their first rodeo. These three had been subject to my many baking attempts, mostly fails, sprinkled with a few successes. They waited, not so patiently, complained that the cookies were “taking soo long” and “better be good!”. My girls agreed that if the batch was “good for them”, they wouldn’t “taste good…” My kinder, less judgmental child lingered patiently. His worry more about tummy funk than taste.

Once out and cooled, but of course still warm and gooey, my panel of judges dug in. With chocolate smeared smiles and matching milk mustaches, my panel agreed, “Sooo Good!”, and Naked Cookie had their first recipe.

Naked Cookie Name:

Naked Cookie got our name for its simple, clean ingredients. Everything we bake with comes from the earth. Organic and as in its purest form.

With Naked Cookie, you can always count on, the cleanest, yummiest cookies, minus the junk or belly funk. 🙂

Naked Cookie Core Values:

Give back: At Naked Cookie Co, we believe is important to give back. You never know when life will throw a little junk your way. We aim to keep you out of the funk by giving back to organizations that are important to us!
Pitt Hopkins Syndrome
Valor Fit (vets)
HOPE Lutheran
Courage League Sports

Love hard: At Naked Cookie, there is no time for fussing and fighting. Only love and kindness. We want the best for you, your loved ones and your tummies! We do our best to always choose love and show grace.

Eat well! Living life requires eating! And what fun that can be! Naked Cookie aims to educate you on the highest quality ingredients, recipes, and tasty treats that treat your tummies well!

Eat together! Eating is a common ground we all share! Eating and celebrating together with those we love is a critical component of our mental health and well being! Naked Cookie is here to celebrate all of life’s special moments! Nothing is better than good company, clean cookies and soul filling conversation. Connecting with our loved ones is vital! Naked Cookie is here to help you connect, near or far!

Be inclusive! As we grow, we aim to be an inclusive company! We believe that every person has a gift to offer! As momma to a kiddo with special needs, Naked Cookie knows first hand how it feels to be on the outside and overlooked. We promise to meet you where you are and would love to hear your stories!

Always look back to see how far you’ve come! This is a Naked Cookie staple statement! We must look back to see how much we’ve grown and how far we have come. Looking too far ahead is daunting, when you only have today, why stress about tomorrow? Make the very best of today!

Love hard, eat well, and remember, success isn’t measured by what we possess, but how we love and the path we chose in life tough moments. No time for junk or funk!

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